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Why not join Locals from the inside? Working with us is as fun as hanging out with our community. We are a remote based team with head office in London (United Kingdom). We'll tell you this and more when you get in touch 🤟

Drop us a message with your CV and what you think makes you perfect for Locals to ✉️ [email protected]. By the way, if you match with any of the profiles required below, write to us today!


Mission & Values

We enjoy meeting offline, making new friends, spending meaningful time together. We're passionate fun seekers, but purpose is what ultimately drives us. Whatever happens through our App, has a meaningful impact on real life.

WE BELONG OFFLINE Real life is where we belong, where we meet new people and share what we love and care for.

LIFE = EXPERIENCES Quality experiences allow us to enrich life even further and build real memories together.

EVERYONE COUNTS Everyone can empower someone else for the better. This is what building a community means.

Our Product

Locals is an app where people connect based on their mutual interests and their desire to help a common cause. Our ambition is to create a Locals community that will unite young, bright, like minded people in big cities all over the world. Inside this community, people will get to know each other, make meaningful connections, push themselves out of their comfort zones, try new activities and at the same time have a social impact.

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