In addition to behaving in accordance with our Locals Terms of Use and Community Guides, which apply to all users, Paid Creators should comply with Paid Activity Creator Terms and this Paid Activity Quality Standards specified below.

You should publish your Paid Activity based on the below criteria and you must continue to follow these standards to be available at Locals. If a Paid Activity doesn’t meet these standards, these Paid Activity and/or your account may be restricted, suspended, or removed from Locals.

Paid Activity Quality Standards

Your Paid Activity is required to meet and maintain the criteria specified below to be published and remain active. Locals from time to time may review the quality level of your Paid Activity and may optimize it for the best performance. If the quality level of your Paid Activity is low or noncompliant, your Paid Activity may be restricted, suspended, or removed from Locals.

  1. Have a Lead Expertise. Share your real skill with the necessary level of expertise. Be sure to make clear what qualifies you to lead this Paid Activity.
  2. Propose a Unique Experience. As an expert, you should clarify what unique experience you have on your Paid Activity. Try to offer something unique or unavailable to the ordinary user, be sure to specify what is special about your Paid Activity.
  3. Be informative. Be sure that your Participants have all information about:
  1. Stay in contact

Respond to messages

Make sure you respond to participant messages quickly and accurately as possible to avoid any miscommunication and improve relations between you and your participant.

Ask for feedback

Encourage feedback from previous participants and learn from it, so your new participants will have a better experience and reduce future discrepancies.

  1. Comply with Content Standards; Code of Conduct; Activity Safety Compliance; Activity Hosting Guidelines.

Refund Practices